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Lots to Love at this New Montreat Listing

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Enjoy the twinkling evening lights and the train whistle from the valley below from the deck of this newly listed Montreat home. This 3-bedroom home, located on a larger than average Montreat lot, has exquisite landscaping including stone walls and walkways as well as a perennial garden with a small, man-made waterfall. With this move-in-ready home, you can settle right in and enjoy the serenity of mountainside living.

Montreat Mountain Home for Sale

Montreat Mountain Home for Sale

The main level, which has the master bedroom suite, features a wood-burning fireplace in the living room. The large windows of the living room, made possible by its vaulted ceiling, allow abundant natural lighting into the space. The formal dining room and eat-in kitchen provide ample space for entertaining as well. In addition to the bedrooms, this home also has another workshop/studio/office space along with ample storage and closet space.

This home is located on the mountainside, up from the main route through the small, secluded community. Montreat, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, has no traffic lights or commercial development. This newly listed home epitomizes the lifestyle of Montreat, a town whose name is a combination of “mountain” and “retreat”. If engaging in a mellow, peaceful lifestyle is in your plans, you should check out the full listing for this home.

Check our full Montreat listings on our website, and please contact Greybeard if you want to schedule an appointment. Several of us live in Montreat ourselves, and we would love to welcome you to town.

The Idyllic Snowy Views of Asheville Eyed on List

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

The Asheville area has made another “best of” list, making it as one of the top six best winter drives in North America. While often recognized for its spectacular autumn colors, the Blue Ridge Parkway receives less attention for its winter splendor. An article by Terry Ward on Centurion’s online site highlights this local splendor.

Snowy Skyline

Idyllic Snowy Views from the Blue Ridge

In making her recommendation, Ward points to Mount Mitchell State Park, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, as a particularly scenic spot in the snow. She rightfully notes that the Parkway is closed when conditions merit. The Parkway updates its road closings regularly on the Blue Ridge Parkway website. While driving during the snow may not be possible, the snow always lingers on the mountain tops long after the snow has stopped falling, so there’s always time to take in the snow-capped scenes.

For locals, it is often easy to overlook the uniqueness of where we live. In the bustle to get where we are going to work or to shop, for example, we don’t always take the time to appreciate the natural beauty around us. And for those of you who wonder what it’s like to live here year-round, we highly recommend a trial run. As Ward points out in her brief piece, there are abundant mountain rental cabins in the Asheville area that will let you give living here a try. Why not make a reservation now to see our idyllic views first hand.

Greybeard Realty Adds Real Estate Office South of Asheville

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Greybeard Realty announces the opening of an additional office, in Eastwood Village in the growing Fairview community. With its proximity to historic Asheville, this full real estate sales office will provide personal service from staff and Realtors who are all NC natives with extensive experience in the western NC real estate market.

Greybeard staff

Greybeard’s staff and Realtors have local roots.

When Greybeard Realty opened in 1999 in Black Mountain, founder Chip Craig made a commitment to providing individualized service in the rental market and then the real estate market as well. At present, Greybeard ranks in the top 10 for Buncombe County real estate companies and also manages more than 300 rental properties. For Chip, the additional office location is a natural fit for his company. ”We felt it was time to expand our real estate offerings, and the growing Fairview community was a good fit for us.” To see Greybeard’s current listings for Fairview, please see our Fairview listings webpage.

Rosie Johnson, managing broker at the new office, grew up in Black Mountain and has worked at Greybeard for the last 12 years. As she has worked in the last few months establishing Greybeard’s office in Fairview, she has been struck by the strong sense of community she has encountered. “I am very excited to be a part of Greybeard’s expansion into Asheville and the Fairview area. I have already been very impressed with the communities and networking here.”

If you’re in Fairview or the Asheville area, please stop by Greybeard’s newest office, located in Eastwood Village, Suite 207G (upstairs). Rosie and her staff are excited to share their expertise in the area and continue the diligent work they have been doing for Greybeard Realty. And keep an eye out for the January Open House; plans are currently underway with an announcement forthcoming shortly.

Getting the Lay of Asheville Land: Sales and Permits on the Rise

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

In another sign of steady real estate growth in the Asheville area, statistics for land sales and residential building permits rose for the first three quarters of 2013.  These figures, when matched with the recent local residential sales figures in a recent Greybeard blog, indicate that the market continues on its positive trend.

Asheville land sales increase.

Asheville area land sales on the rise.

In the Asheville area, land sales increased 74% over the same period last year. That number shows strong growth but still lags 44% behind the land sales peak of 2007. The 420 units sold today account for $45 million in sales, a 68% increase over last year this time, but, again, still 57% below the 2007 peak. At present, there is a 3% increase in the number of units on the market.

In Black Mountain, the number of units sold is much smaller, 22 so far in 2013, versus 23 in 2012 which accounts for a 4% increase. This figure is well below the 70 units that sold in the peak year of 2007. The $1.7 million in dollars sold year-to-date represents a 2% increase over sales in 2012. Again, this figure is well below the peak of $8 million in sales in 2008, the peak year. At present, there is a 15% increase in the number of units on the market.  The figures used for land sales were provided by Western NC MLS.

For residential building permits year-to-date, Buncombe County saw an increase of 566 permits over the 460 pulled for the same period last year, an increase of 23%. These statistics are provided by The Market Edge. Of interest is the number of residential permits taken out for units more than 4000 sq ft or with permit value of more than $400,000. Statistics provide numbers for the total 2012 residential permits, 75, while numbers are only available for year-to-date for 2013, 58. It will be interesting to track that statistic to the year end to see if permits for larger, more expensive homes will increase at year’s end.

To stay on top of land sales and residential building permits, as well as area real estate sales, please see our market reports which are updated regularly.

Real Estate Numbers Add up to Solid Growth in Asheville Area

Monday, October 28th, 2013

The numbers are in for real estate sales for the 2013 third quarter, and the solid growth seen last quarter continues. In both Buncombe County and Black Mountain, positive numbers indicate a solid foundation for the real estate market as we move into the last quarter. With interest rates holding steady, we anticipate that the market will continue this upward trend into 2014.

New Black Mountain listing, 52 Cheshire Dr.

New Black Mountain listing, 52 Cheshire Dr.

Buncombe County/Asheville Area Home Sales

Buncombe County numbers indicate a 25% increase in homes sold year-to-date versus last year’s numbers for the same period. With 517 more homes being sold this year than last year at this time, one would expect to find a similar growth in total sales volume. In fact, the more than $663 million in sales volume represents a 32% increase over last year. These numbers are particularly impressive given that average home prices increased a modest 5%. While these numbers are still below the peak numbers experienced in the market in 2006 and 2007, they still indicate solid, sustainable growth for the Buncombe County market. And with the 16% decrease in the number of homes on the market year-to-date under last year’s homes available, it is anticipated that average price should continue to creep upward over the next six to nine months.

Black Mountain Homes Sales

The Black Mountain real estate numbers parallel those of Buncombe County in some ways. Homes sold increased a robust 28% year-to-date with 111 homes being sold, versus 87 in 2012 during the same months. Similarly, total sales volume increased 20%, to almost $24 million in 2013 versus almost $20 year-to-date in 2012. The surprising element to the numbers for Black Mountain is the small decrease in the average home price, 6%, for year-to-date 2013. As with the Buncombe County numbers, however, with the shrinking number of units on the market, a 7% decline in numbers of homes listed, it is anticipated that the average home sales price will slowly begin increasing over the next six to nine months. Another indicator for this prediction is the decrease in the number of days on the market (DOM) this year. While DOM had increased slowly since the peak years of 2007 and 2008 in Black Mountain, this year shows a decline in DOM, usually indicating growth in the real estate market for an area.

Final Reflections

Again, the market continues to demonstrate solid growth trends in both Black Mountain and Buncombe County as indicated by our market analysis, which includes the statistics provided by Western North Carolina MLS. Anecdotally, at Greybeard Realty, we continue to see solid interest in our western NC mountain listings and a positive growth rate in our number of homes sold. As always, we recognize the seasonal quality of our real estate market, but as indicated by a careful analysis of these year-to-date statistics, we anticipate continued growth, particularly as the supply of homes on the market continues to decrease. With market prices showing only modest increases and decreases, we expect the real estate market in the Asheville area to stay on this positive track for the foreseeable future.


Purchase An Asheville Vacation Rental Home; Leave the Rental Management to Us

Sunday, September 8th, 2013
Greybeard Rentals Management Team Receives Recognition

Greybeard Rentals Management Team Receives Recognition

How many of you enjoyed your western NC vacation this summer so much that you’re ready to purchase your own vacation home in the Asheville area? If one obstacle that makes you hesitate is managing your property, Greybeard Rentals can help you with that.

Greybeard’s management team was recently recognized again by FlipKey and Trip Advisor as one of their most outstanding companies. In addition, Greybeard Rentals received their “Rated Excellent” badge which is awarded based on past guests’ reviews. And while some awards are given based on reviews by a few people, the “rated excellent” is based on reviews by more than 1000 guests, indicating a consistency of service by our management team.

At Greybeard Rentals, we carefully select our rental homes, only listing those we would vacation in ourselves. And we pay careful attention to details as well. Each home is inspected prior to our guests’ arrivals, a freshly-baked loaf of pumpkin bread is awaiting each guest, and a Greybeard Rental management team member is on call 24/7 to personally answer each call from our guests who may have an issue or a pressing question.

Another unique aspect of Greybeard Rentals property management is our Guest Services division. The vacation packages and a la carte offerings offered on our guest Services webpage caught the attention of the NY Times, as noted in our 2010 rental blog. So check out our vacation homes for sale listings at Greybeard Realty and find the home of your dreams. When you’ve made your home selection, we can assist you with the rest. Leave the rental details to us.

Landscape Improves for Asheville Land Sales

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

If you read the recent Greybeard blog on the increase in local construction permits, you may have wondered where all these new residential permits are being put to use. If the July MLS statistics on land sales are any indication, we may have found the answer.

Asheville land sales on the rise.

Asheville land sales on the rise.

Land sales in Asheville increased from 181 units sold year to date last year to 309 units for the same period in 2013. That represents a 71% increase for year to date from 2013. Black Mountain had a 20% increase year to date in land sales, from 15 units to 18 units. In terms of dollars sold, both Asheville and Black Mountain had increases that paralleled the number of units sold. Asheville showed a 69% increase while Black Mountain had a 23% increase.

One reason for this increase may be the tightening of supply of homes in the Asheville area market. As was discussed in a recent Greybeard blog on real estate trends, the number of homes on the market in the Asheville area is decreasing as well.  It may be that home buyers are becoming home builders to build the home of their dreams when they can’t find it on the Asheville sales market.

Even with the large increases in land sales, the market has not returned to its peak of 2006. In that year there were 565 units sold year to date in Asheville and 54 land units sold in Black Mountain.  It will be interesting to track land sales over the next few months to see if the current trend holds. For more information, check out Greybeard’s current market reports which updates frequently and will let you track Asheville market trends.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood in Asheville

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

A recent readers’ choice survey in Conde Nast Traveler rated Asheville one of the friendliest towns in the United States. The survey asked readers to rate US cities on a number of qualities including “friendliest”, and Asheville placed fourth in the survey.

Won't you be our Asheville neighbor?

Won’t you be our Asheville neighbor?

Asheville visitors who participated in the survey not only ranked the cities but also provided comments as to their choices. Glancing over their observations, it is very difficult to disagree with their statements.  One reader observed the city has “hidden treasures around every corner.” Another credited the high scoring with Asheville’s great combination of “free thinkers and Southern hospitality.” The magazine itself points to our remarkable local art scene and local microbreweries as another compelling reason to visit the city.

With our own experiences in the River Arts District and our research for our blogs on microbreweries in the area, we have to say we agree. The magazine goes on to talk about our “great locally sourced food and friendly people”.  And while the survey respondents were Asheville visitors, the greatest attraction seems to be the city residents. According to Conde Nast, “above all, it’s the “conscientious locals” who truly make this “welcoming” metropolis a “fun, quirky place to visit.”

To that, we at Greybeard Realty say, “hear, hear!” We couldn’t agree more that Asheville locals are what make this place so special. For those of us who already live in this area, give yourselves a pat on the back for making Asheville such a friendly place to be.  And for those of you who are considering Asheville as an option for relocation, what are you waiting for? Come on! Won’t you be our neighbors?

Asheville Area Home Sales Make a July Jump

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Ah, summer. Temperatures rise and so do home sales in the seasonal Asheville real estate market. That’s why it is imperative that you consider equivalent months and year to date statistics when studying the area trends. Even a quick glance at the most recently released MLS numbers, however, indicates some very strong signs for 2013.

Checking the temperature of Asheville real estate.

Checking the temperature of Asheville real estate.

Black Mountain Real Estate Trends

Black Mountain home sales volume increased 13% over the same period last year. While still 19% below the peak market of 2007, the number still indicates substantial growth for real estate in the town. Also increasing was the total number of homes sold, up 29% in 2013. Interestingly, the largest change in observed statistics  is a decrease of 22%. That downward shift is considered a positive stat for sales, however, as it is the number of units on the market.  Compared to 2012 when 167 units were listed, there were only 131 homes on the market which points to the tightening supply in the area.

Buncombe County Real Estate Trends

Buncombe County also had a hefty decrease in inventory, down 19% from 2012 numbers, with 2144 homes on the market in July 2013 as compared with 2644 units in 2012. And county home sales volume outpaced those in Black Mountain, increasing 30% year to date in July 2013 with a 28% increase in number of homes sold. As with Black Mountain, these numbers are still off the peak numbers of 2006 but illustrate how solidly the real estate market is growing. Days on the market in both Buncombe County and Black Mountain decreased year to date in 2013 for the first time since before 2006. That statistic means that homeowners putting their houses on the market generally have to wait a shorter time to sell their homes than they have in the past few years.

Home Prices in the Asheville Area

The town numbers and the county numbers diverge when it comes to average and median price, with both categories showing a very modest increase in Buncombe County and a decrease in Black Mountain. It is possible that retirees, who make up a large portion of Black Mountain homebuyers, are considering smaller homes for their retirement. Also, it is possible that several smaller, lower priced homes in Black Mountain have sold, driving down the average price per home. It may take a few more months to see if this decrease is a downward trend or more likely some market blip that will reverse itself in the next couple of months.

There are a couple of things that can be known for sure. The summer months are warmer in our area than the winter months, and with the market inventory shrinking in our real estate area the prices should begin to rise. So, if I could suggest, it may be time to take advantage of our good weather and head on out to select that Asheville area home you’ve always wanted. And with sales inventory decreasing, it may also be a good time to put your home on the market. For information about how to get your home market ready, please check out our home staging tips. As the old song goes, “Summer time, and the living is easy.” So perhaps is the selling and the buying in the Asheville home market right now.

Falcon Crest Home Offers Bird’s Eye View of Buncombe County

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

If you’ve enjoyed your western NC vacation, perhaps it’s time to consider taking that next step and purchasing your own piece of tranquility. Greybeard Realty has a new listing for a furnished, ready to move in mountain retreat. With its high-end furnishings and impeccable attention to detail, this mountain home is unmatched in its quality.

Keep the home fires burning in this buncombe County home for sale.

Keep the home fires burning in this buncombe County home for sale.

Located on 1.2 acres in Fairview, this 4-bedroom, 3 bath home has 3 gas fireplaces and a gourmet eat-in kitchen. Constructed in 2005, the home has wood floors throughout, a large master suite, and a bonus room with office or bedroom potential. As spectacular as the inside of the house is, the outside offers its own perks. From the porch, new homeowners will be rewarded with gorgeous long-range, year-round views. For more views of this home, click on 39 Falcon Crest on Greybeard’s website.

To get an idea of what’s happening in the Buncombe County real estate market, look at Greybeard’s real estate market statistics. The market has shown steady growth over the last year and indicates a strengthening of the housing market. It’s a great time to buy into an incredible place to live. Browse through Greybeard Realty’s residential listings and find your piece of paradise.

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